one of the largest scale of strawberry farms in Shiga Prefecture,Strawberry Picking,Koka-city Shiga-prefecture

please make reservation on phone.
Kafuka Strawberry Farm
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Kafuka Strawberry Farm

Welcome to Kafuka Strawberry Farm.

Strawberry Picking

Kafuka Strawberry Farm located in Koka City of Shiga Prefecture is opened even to children or the aged people.With a wide aisle in a house, you can enjoy Strawberry Picking by wheel chairs or trollers as well. All-you-can-eat for 45 min! We have more service of no charge for chocolate source and condensed milk!
We sell not only local vegetable,but also special products at the place sold directly.We also recommend to eat Kafuka Gerard & soft ice cream.
Kafuka Strawberry Farm is one of the largest scale of strawberry farms in Shiga Prefecture. Please drop in by all means.

What's Kafuka Strawberry?
Our farm provides Strawberry Picking by the cultivation of high quality of equipment. We are trying to manage cultivation in the most suitable way to strawberry growing.

Kafuka Strawberry Farm01 Kafuka Strawberry Farm02 Kafuka Strawberry Farm03

Strawberry Picking01 Strawberry Picking02
Strawberry Picking03

Kafuka Strawberry Farm04 Kafuka Strawberry Farm05 Kafuka Strawberry Farm06

About using our farm

Entrance fee Jan 4~Mar 20 Mar 21~May 9 May 10~the last 10 days of May
Adult(from junior high school student) ¥2000 ¥1700 ¥1400
Golden(over 65 years old)/ Elementary school student ¥1700 ¥1400 ¥ 1100
Infant(from 3 years old) ¥ 1000 ¥ 800 ¥ 600
Under 3 years old free free free
●Picking time limit is 45 minutes. ●With group discount / Reservation priority ●The entrance is sometimes restricted according to the crowded circumstances.
●The entrance is sometimes restricted according to the strawberry growing situation.

Strawberry Picking04 Full equipment for the barrier free
Kafuka Strawberry Farm aims at Strawberry Picking with the barrier free.
Children, aged or disabled people can also come to our farm without any worries.
Using trollers is Ok.Using wheel chairs is OK.


Jan 4, 2016 Strawberry Picking will start today.We are wainting for your coming.

Dec 11, 2015 We started the sale of kafuka strawberries from December 10!

Dec 1, 2015 The reservation reception will start December 1.

May 18, 2015 Strawberry Picking for this year will be finished May 25.
We have finished " Strawberry Picking" this year.
We appreciated many people for coming.
Please look forward to it next year.

Jan 13, 2015 Strawberry Picking is being held with popularity! We are wainting for your coming.

For customers of a group

Parking equipped 50 cars Large bus parking lot equipped Groups welcome

We have group discount system.(Please ask about details)

please make reservation on phone.


【Address】 5940-4 Minakuchi Minakuchi-town Koka-city Shiga-prefecture
【Train】 10 min. walking from "MINAKUCHI JYONAN Sta." Ohmi Railroad.
【Car】 25 min. via National Road 307 from SHIGARAKI IC of SHINMEISHIN Expressway
※Customers coming from a distant place, please set a navigator as "Minakuchi Chugakko"(Minakuchi Junior High School).
※Reception time 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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